Mission- The main goal of the Columbia University College Democrats is to organize students to fight for liberal causes, both on and off campus. We rally the liberal Columbia community around grassroots activism and advocacy for Democratic causes. We discuss issues, plan activism, and foster an on-campus Democratic political community.

What we do:

Body meetings- During the school year, we have weekly body meetings every Wednesday at 9 pm.   These body meetings are used to discuss issues, plan activist excursions, and to keep body members informed about all the initiatives and events other members are planning.

Activism: We are first and foremost an activist organization.  We distribute petitions, lobby, phone-bank, attend and organize rallies and marches, raise money, and more.  Each year we go on a free five-day campaign trip on Election Day weekend in which we campaign for a candidate or ballot issue in a swing state.  In the spring, we take a two-day lobby trip in which we meet with Congressional members in Albany or Washington, DC to advocate liberal legislation that is significant  at the time.

Speakers-  We bring a variety of different speakers to campus each year.  Past speakers include: Chairman of the DCCC, Rep. Steve Israel and the Executive Director of the New York City Coalition Against Hunger, Joel Berg.

We have a diverse membership in CU Dems with a wide array of issues about which we are passionate.  This means we run several progressive political initiatives unified under one mission and one group of students. Read more to find out about the different components of the organization.

Circles- Each political initiative is referred to as a “circle.”  Every circle is centered around a different issue. These issues can be reactive, event-based, and sometimes discussion based, allowing for diverse opportunities and many different ways for body members to get involved.  These circles are led by passionate body members with help from the executive board.

Constitution: Our Constitution is available here.