Bring back abortion coverage for ALL students!

Earlier this year Columbia University decided to end a program that had guaranteed all students access to free and confidential abortion care. We’re fighting to bring those protections back! – Over the sumer the University quietly ended a program that used to guarantee every single student free and confidential access to abortion care. Because many students don’t have health insurance that covers abortions or are on their parents’ plan and are worried about confidentiality, many students will be put in a vulnerable position that could threaten their health, wellbeing, and ability to remain students here. And despite the hundreds of students affected Columbia has failed to make a serious proposal to replace the program.

The CU Democrats are working to restore coverage for all students! If you want to learn more about what’s going on or about how to get involved go to our Cover It! page. We’ll also be talking about the issues and working on how to pressure Columbia for a solution at our general body meeting today at 9 pm in the Lener Satow Room. If you want to stand up for women’s rights without leaving campus this is a great opportunity.

For more information check out our full statement or read this Spectator article from earlier today.


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