Activist Council Doings

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Activist Council comings, goings, doings, and plannings.

We are prepping for Kentucky over election break! We’ll be leaving on Friday, November 2 and returning after polls close on Election Day, November 6. This is the epic political journey of a lifetime, and we want you there. If you’d like to be on the list to receive more info or to sign up, please e-mail

We are also planning a major healthcare event to 1) educate students about universal healthcare, and 2) lobby Congress to override President Bush’s veto of SCHIP. If you haven’t been following Bush’s battle to keep children from having healthcare, check it out now.

We recently made a great campaign trip to Long Island, as part of our efforts to take back the State Senate from evil Joe Bruno. If you’d be interested in future local campaign trips, please e-mail your lovely Lead Activists at

We are launching a major voter registration effort, and if you’re interested in planning it, the meetings are Mondays at 9:00 on the 4th floor of Lerner. Meet this week in the Tasti Lounge there (part of Ferris Booth).

COME TO OUR MEETINGS! We’d love to see your shining faces every Sunday at 5:00 PM in Lerner 502.

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