Circles This Week (3/26/2013)

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Every week at the Columbia Democrats we make progress on our activities through our circles in body meetings.  If you can’t make the meeting this week but would still like to help out with any of our activities, please contact the circle leaders below!


Planning for Earth Week: Circle Leaders Sarah Weinstein ( and Ryan Morgan (

This April 18-24, Columbia University is having its annual Earth Week!  We’ll be tabling to tell people about Environmental Issues circulating the political arena that need attention.  Some potential examples include the Keystone Pipeline, Hydrofracking for Natural Gas, and how we can go about tackling Climate Change.  Come help us plan the Democrats construct our game plan!


NYC Mayoral Campaign: Circle Leaders Evelyn Jagoda ( and Samantha Gilbert (

Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s final term as mayor finishes at the end of this year.  Which progressive democrat do we want to succeed him?  Christine Quinn, Bill de Blasio, or someone else? We’ll be having the first in a series of discussions on which candidate each of us prefers and why.  Come and make your case for which candidate you like!


National Security Policy Discussion: Circle Leaders Sejal Singh (  and Janine Balekdjian (

Has the Obama Administration continued to step over civil liberties as the Bush administration did in the name of national security?  How should we be conducting it?  For one example, the issue of drone policy has surged in the news media and public discourse.  One of our liberal sparrings was on the question of whether we should use them at all.  What do you think?  Come let us know your opinions on a range of issues of national security.


Columbia Students’ Immigration Stories to Present on Lobby Trip: Circle Leaders Melissa Quintana ( and Nikita Ash (

On our Lobby trip to DC we’ll be pushing for further immigration reform.  If you have a personal immigration story, then we ask you to come and contribute to our circle.  We’ll be compiling all of them into a booklet that we will present to Congressional members on our trip.  Let our legislative body know the importance of this issue to you and reformers everywhere!


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