Circles this Week (4/10/2013)

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Every week at the Columbia Democrats we make progress on our activities through our circles in body meetings.  If you can’t make the meeting this week but would still like to help out with any of our activities, please contact the circle leaders below!


Planning for Earth Week: Circle Leaders Sarah Weinstein (, Ryan Morgan (, and Swara Salih (

This April 18-24, Columbia University is having its annual Earth Week!  We’ll be tabling on Monday and Tuesday of that week to tell people about Environmental Issues circulating the political arena, like the Keystone Pipeline, Hydrofracking for Natural Gas, and how we can go about tackling Climate Chang, that demand public attention.   We’ll be making buttons to sell at our table, so come with ideas for slogans!  Come help us plan the Democrats construct our game plan, and please bring laptops!


Discussion: The Status of Evolution in Concepts: Circle Leader Evelyn Jagoda (

Are you frustrated by the lack of political acceptance of Evolution in the US?  Do you subscribe to the scientific method or the findings of other scientists and want more public acceptance of evolution?  Evvie’ll be running a discussion circle exploring these issues, and will attempt to reach conclusions with the


Stop & Frisk Lobbying: Circle Leader Sejal Singh (

This Friday the 12th we’ll be going to NYC Mayoral candidate Bill de Blasio’s office to lobby for a change in the city’s Stop & Frisk policy.  If you’re interested in joining or contributing your knowledge on the issue or on lobbying, come join!  Bring laptops!


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