Cribbing from the Best

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In a speech right here in New York, today, Bush addressed the state of the economy and decried the sort of wildly disproportionate compensation for CEOs that has become par for the course. Some choice remarks:

”The fact is that income inequality is real. It has been rising for more than 25 years,” the president said. ”The earnings gap is now twice as wide as it was in 1980,” Bush said

It’s funny…I almost feel like I heard something just like that recently:

“When one looks at the health of our economy, it’s almost as if we are living in two different countries…The stock market is at an all-time high, and so are corporate profits. But these benefits are not being fairly shared. When I graduated from college, the average corporate CEO made 20 times what the average worker did; today, it’s nearly 400 times. In other words, it takes the average worker more than a year to make the money that his or her boss makes in one day.”

Poor Jim Webb…less than a month on the job, and he’s already been co-opted by the Plagiarist-in-Chief.


US Plan to Stop Global Warming: Block the Sun

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No, we’re not kidding. The US wants to block some of the sun’s rays using reflective dust and giant orbiting mirrors. There’s not much we can say about this one. Just read about it and let us know if you think it’s as silly an idea as we do.


Race For ’08 Gets a Bit More Crowded

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Senator Joseph Biden (D-DE), chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, has entered the race for the 2008 Democratic presidential bid. Biden will apparently skip the preliminary step of creating an exploratory committee, explaining that “I’m not exploring. I’m in. And this is the beginning of a marathon.” Let’s see if he can finish it.


McCain a tool and other Republican nonsense

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It looks like next week is the battle royale for Iraq policy. After Obama’s orgasmic speech rallied all of us yesterday, here comes the parade of idiots to bring it all down. And who’s leading the march? Why no other than Sen. McCain!

While the lollygaggers aren’t voting on Obama’s in the works binding resolution, they’re planning on voting down the non-binding resolutions. Why? Well, “We all know the world is watching,” said Senator Saxby Chambliss, Republican of Georgia. Go drink your mint julep and shut up. Yes, the whole world is watching. And yes, the whole world will think that that you all are still the most short-sighted, out of touch, idiotic party around. Looks like it’s going to be chaos in the halls of the Senate come next week. Expect intense debate and wonderful speeches from presidential candidates.

Hooray democracy.


First War, Now Warming

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As if this administration hasn’t misled the American public enough (promises of WMDs and being greeted as liberators come to mind), advocacy groups are now claiming that the White House pressured federal scientists to play down global warming. Representative Henry Waxman (D-CA) charged that “there may have been an orchestrated campaign to mislead the public about climate change.”

Remember when Bush mentioned climate change in his 2007 State of the Union address?

“America is on the verge of technological breakthroughs that will enable us to live our lives less dependent on oil. And these technologies will help us be better stewards of the environment, and they will help us to confront the serious challenge of global climate change.” (Applause.)

Yes, Mr. President. Global warming – or “global climate change” – is a very serious challenge. Please treat it as such by allowing scientists to express the gravity of the situation to the American public.