Issue Update: Birth Control on Campus

On December 18, 2007, in Uncategorized, by administrator

Two weeks ago, the Activist Council ended the semester on a high note with “Why is Alma Pregnant,” an event to raise awareness about the skyrocketing cost of birth control pills for college women. The AC attracted attention with a sign on Low Plaza and a conspicuous baby doll on Alma Mater’s lap. Curious Columbians were then encouraged to sign a petition pressuring Columbia to find a way to lower prices.

Until now, the issue has been widely covered, but with little sense of urgency for the millions of women affected. This morning, Slate’s Amanda Schaffer weighed in with a vigorous call for Congress to fix the problem before the winter recess. She provides a snappy summary of the legislative tangle which caused this mess, and demands that Congress do something. “The necessary language would fit on a Post-It note,” writes Schaffer,”Let’s just hope it sticks to something—anything—that makes it into law this year.”


Media Matters: YOU MAKE ME SICK! Edition

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There are no words to describe the degree to which I loathe Senator Lieberman. The professional narcissist and great enabler of the neoconservative agenda has just endorsed Senator McCain for President. It’s critical that the Democrats expand their Senate majority in 2008; their agenda should not rely on the support of this wolf in sheep’s clothing. Bi-partisanship is a virtue, but endorsing the man with the third most conservative voting record in the Senate is a fierce abandonment of the party with whom he caucuses and, more importantly, his constituents.