The general body of the Columbia University Democrats elected its 2008-2009 executive board tonight at an elections meeting in Earl Hall. Chris Daniels, CC ’09, was elected the organization’s president. The full 2008-2009 executive board follows:

President: Chris Daniels
Vice President: Anna Brower
Secretary: Nancy Huemer
Treasurer: Linda Magana
Speakers Coordinator: Stef Goodsell
Membership Director: Kaley Hanenkrat
Outreach Director: Lianna Reagan
Media Director: Avi Edelman
Social & Alumni Affairs Coordinator: Greer Feick
Lead Activists: Ross Johnson, Jenna Hovel

The new executive board took office immediately following the elections. Two additional Lead Activists will be elected in May and two Freshman Representatives will be elected in the fall.

Outgoing President Josh Lipsky, CC ’08, thanked the body for the opportunity to serve, and new President Chris Daniels looked forward to the organization’s future: “I’m thrilled with the energy and dedication of the new board members and excited to build on past successes and create new traditions. This fall will present both a challenge and an opportunity for us to engage our members in a constructive manner, and this wonderful group of people will lead the organization to great achievements.”

The new executive board is looking forward to the coming year, and hopes to capitalize on the energy generated by this historic election to mobilize the Columbia campus in a way that will keep progressive activity flourishing beyond November.


After hearing from both candidates for Columbia College Student Council tonight, the College Democrats are convinced that, like the Democratic Party, Columbia College is presented with two exciting, well-qualified candidates. However, there are clear differences, and the College Democrats enthusiastically endorse George Krebs and his Experience Columbia party in the CCSC elections for the following reasons:

ü Their superior understanding of, and solutions for, the funding problems that have plagued the College Democrats and all SGB groups this year.

ü Their ideas for increasing transparency in F@CU and the funding apparatus behind campus life at Columbia.

ü Their concrete plan for reforming the unfair Dean’s Discipline process by creating and empowering a Student Advocacy Council.

ü Their proposal to create a Columbia Student Portal to better serve students and campus groups online.

ü Their commitment to ensuring that the Manhattanville expansion pays heed to the needs of the community rather than simply displacing it.

ü Their interest in building community while simultaneously instilling activism in CCSC through the CON+ACT project and the Passport to Columbia.

Experience Columbia demonstrated both an appreciation of the minutiae of campus life and administration and a big-picture vision for Columbia that the College Democrats found appealing. We look forward to working with them next year to implement our shared goals and to ensure that Columbia better serves its students.