Congratulations to the New Executive Board!

On May 3, 2010, in Dems in Real Life, by Ganiatu Afolabi

I am extremely excited to introduce the new 2010-2011 Executive Board:

  • President: Kaley Hanenkrat
  • Vice-President: Maddy Joseph
  • Secretary: Janine Balekdjian
  • Treasurer: Daniel Gonzalez
  • Membership Director: Sophia Warren
  • Director of Social and Alumni Affairs: Aditya Mukerjee
  • Outreach Director: Marilyn Robb
  • Media Director: Ganiatu Afolabi
  • Speaker’s Coordinator: Eric Kutscher

And our two new Lead Activists, that will be joining Sean Quirk and Helen Kilian,

  • Michael Rady
  • Sarah Gitlin

A year may not be long enough to accomplish everything we want to do, but that might just be a good problem to have. This new board is following the legacy of an amazing group of students that have catapulted us to new levels. From a tenacious group of students hopping into vans to fight for the Democratic Party over Election Break, to a couple creative activists who placed several dozen Valentine’s on the office of a less than upright politician, no stone was left unturned, and no tunnel left unexplored. So as we say goodbye to those that did so much for this organization over the past years, let’s get excited for the new faces and fresh ideas. So enjoy the summer, and get ready for a fabulous year to come!