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2010 October

Dems v Republicans Debate: IMMIGRATION

On October 27, 2010, in Uncategorized, by Ganiatu Afolabi

The Dems and Republicans continue our (almost) monthly history of debates. Tonight: IMMIGRATION! I have a short attention span, so deal with me.


Republican: I go to Irish bars. It is not the case of becoming Irish in America. It is the case of being Irish American.

Democrats: How are they not accepting American values?

Republican: The problem with immigration, many people are not accepting American values.


Republican: Integration has always been a problem. THe strength of any situation comes from them being able to harness immigration and turn it into integration! If you are here illegally, you cannot integrate!

Democrat: Thats false. Their only option is to integrate completely, and try to fit into our way of life.

Republican: If I were in Mexico and poor, I’d cross into America too! I don’t blame them. But we need to have a system that is conducive to integration.

Democrat: We need diversity. Like Columbia!

Audience member: RADY! Question- About path towards citizenship- Giving illegal immigrants citizens, will that make them want to learn English and more about our history?

Republican: I used to think that. But….no.

Audience Question- My favorite Republican ever: Derek! Question- What is an issue of humanity?

Democrat: Trying to foster human life. People need to carry around papers.

My favorite Republican: I’m from Arizona, I don’t need to carry around papers.

Audience mumble by some audience member….who likes to mumble.


Republican: Are we really a melting pot. The people need to conform to American values, not create rocks of their own cultures-ish.


Democrat: The United States is a melting pot, but not everyone in the world wants to come here. America cannot support everyone because THE WORLD cannot support everyone.


Republican: What will national sovereignty be without a secured border? Illegal immigrants should not be able to find jobs. There are people all over the world waiting to get into the country, and we should not reward those that break the law.


So I just got this bad boy set up. Yes.


And the debate is over. “Xenophobic right wing SOB’s,” someone yells.

I am confused.

Ganiatu, signing out!


The debates just about wrapping up….

Final question.

Question in the audience: Should the parents of citizens that are illegal themselves be deported TOMORROW?

Republicans: Thats economically unfeasible. No.


Question to the Republican- Why is it OUR job to help everyone? How do you justify that? Why do we have to help the people in Tijuana.

(female audience member says that she doesn’t like the question. Hmm)

Democrat: We should create a pathway to citizenship.

Person IN AUDIENCE: The United states can give everyone in the world corn…a lot of corn.

Person 1: Really?

Person 2: Corn? I’m not talking about corn!


Female audience member (cough cough Felicia) moves from Republican side to Democrat side after the Republicans speak. I actually asked her to come, I don’t know why she was sitting their in the first place!


Oh wait, now we disagree again. Parents have to leave if they are illegal. Democrats don’t like this.


BREAK! I cannot help but notice the math problems on the blackboard.

“Right Wing Bastard”- (Self Proclaimed)- He starts talking about anchor babies, but the crowd doesn’t like that. He talks about the children of illegal immigrants born here not actually being American. Democrats- you agree?


Republicans do not agree either.

WAIT! WE AGREED ON SOMETHING!!!!!!!!!!! Forget the rest of the debate….WE AGREED ON SOMETHING!


Question about Americans being a country of immigrants.

Republican response, something along the lines of enduring values.

Audience members: What about Witch Trials!? What about interracial couples?! What about the fact that the country HAS CHANGED?!

Republican response along the line of: Oh come on. Enduring values don’t endorse witch trials or racism.


Question by Sid about undocumented immigrants working in the strawberry fields.

Republican: A guest worker program. It’s simple…apparently. We need to relax some of the standards that we have.

(Maddy said something funny behind me)


Question: Why should we give jobs to illegal immigrants when we cannot give jobs to citizens?

Democrats: Illegal immigrants are taking jobs that Americans won’t.

Audience interruption from an audience member….who interrupts.


A joke was made. But I missed it. Sad face.

Opinions after the debate:

Democrat: Felicia Bishop CC’12- “Republicans need to take a sociology class”-(Regarding comments about fragmented families on the Republican side)

Republican: Tim Reuter – “I felt, I didn’t find it terribly productive. It also wasn’t long enough.”


Support ALL Our Troops

On October 18, 2010, in Activism, by Ganiatu Afolabi

This week, the Cu Dems will be doing many things to show our support and encouragement of an immediate repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell! With petitioning happening on Low Plaza from Tuesday tp Friday, and a storm of Times Square on Staurday, we hope that we will see you all at least once this week!

As usual, there will be a body meeting this Wednesday at 9pm! Please, join us!


Activism 202: DADT and What We’ll Do

On October 5, 2010, in Events, Featured, by Ganiatu Afolabi

Join the CU Dems Wednesday, October 6th at 9pm for


We’ll set up phonebanking, petitioning, and letter writing as we build our momentum to ensure DADT is repealed!


Campaign Trip, Meetings, and Other Fun Stuff

On October 1, 2010, in Dems in Real Life, by Ganiatu Afolabi

Hello, Hallo, and Dia Duit Dems!

It has been great seeing you all at the meetings and on the ramps for voter registration. We hope to keep up with this momentum as we go on with our committees and numerous projects for the year! As usual, if you have any questions about ANYTHING, let any one of us know :)

Also, check out these photos from the past couple meetings, and the Dems Board Retreat!