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Executive Board

Meet The 2013-2014 Executive Board!

We, the Executive Board of the CU Democrats, work hard daily to keep the political spirit of our campus alive. From Campaign Trips to weekly meetings, affecting some type of change is our number one priority. With a twelve person board, there is no shortage of opinions, ideas, and just outrageous personalities! Check out our profiles, get to know us, and we hope to meet you one day as well!


Sejal Singh, President: Sejal is a junior at Columbia College  majoring in Political Science. She is best recognized by her habit of canvassing in heels, Core-themed puns, and love of  two-toed sloths. If anyone corners you to yell about stop-and-frisk, childhood poverty, or mass incarceration, that might be Sejal. She’s also super friendly, so anytime you have ideas for Dems (or just want to chat about politics, SCOTUS, or LitHum) feel free to talk to her!


Austin Heyroth, Vice President: Austin is a junior in Columbia College Majoring in Political Science and minoring in Economics. He was born and raised in Anchorage Alaska and briefly lived in Texas. He plans on going to law school after he graduates and he promises everyone that he will own a kitty to prevent himself form being consumed by the dark side (a.k.a. corporate law). He also apologizes for whatever politicians from his home state are up to and would like to remind everyone that there’s a reason he decided to go to school in NY.
Melissa Quintana, Secretary: Melissa was born and raised in in Miami, Florida where you can’t get by without knowing Spanish and where it’s always wonderfully humid and sunny.  She is a sophomore at Columbia College planning on majoring in Political Science and Economics and hopes to become an immigration lawyer.  Melissa’s favorite Democrat is Congressman John Lewis because as a Freedom Rider during the Civil Rights movement he didn’t let the fact that the unreceptive political context at the time  stop him, and it is that kind of perseverance and determination that she finds so humbling and inspiring. She only eats cookie dough in cookie dough ice cream and loves Taylor Swift.
Cameron Fegers, Lead Activist:  Cameron was born and raised in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and is a sophomore at Columbia College majoring in Political Science. He is a firm opponent of capital punishment and enjoys spending his free time playing basketball, watching Dolphins games, admiring Hurricane Girl, and trying to understand Obamacare. His favorite Democrat is Cory Booker, who is a self-proclaimed Trekkie. Someday Cameron hopes to be cast on ABC’s The Bachelorette where he would be the first ever bachelor to use his trombone to woo his lady.

Lucy Saldivar, Lead Activist: Lucy is a freshman at Barnard College who is planning to major in Political Science. She was born and raised in San Diego, California yet she is proud to call New York City her new home. Lucy is a vegetarian who loves to listen to rock music, wear red lipstick, and explore the city. Her favorite Democrat is RFK and she hopes to enter the political world herself in the future.


Sarah Schutz, Lead Activist: Sarah is a junior at Barnard, majoring in economics with a concentration in statistics  She was originally born in Arkansas, but, after Bill Clinton left, decided it was time to move to the east. She currently lives in Linwood, NJ, a place she tries to convince all of her friends is the original Jersey Shore. She has a secret (but not so secret) crush on Joe Biden, evident by the numerous hilarious pictures on her laptop. Sarah also loves to cook. During her time as a member of Dems, she has prepared chocolate chip pumpkin bread, roasted brussel sprouts with cranberry maple butter, parmesan crusted tilapia, and other dishes for various Dems events. In short, with cooking, as well as politics, she does not mess.


Ryan Morgan, Lead Activist: Ryan is a scrappy kid from Scranton, Pennsylvania. He tries to share his hometown with another very scrappy kid – Vice President Joe Biden – but it doesn’t always work out. Ryan is a senior majoring in Civil Engineering and minoring in Political Science. Ryan is most passionate about environmental and infrastructure policy and has interned for several public agencies including the Metropolitan Transportation Authority. He sees public works like high speed rail and expanded transit networks as a key part of a sustainable and economically vital future. In his spare time, Ryan enjoys photography, traveling, and cycling around the city.


Swara Salih, Media Director: Swara is a member of the class of 2014 at  Columbia College majoring in Political Science with a concentration in Environmental Studies.  He grew up around the DC area, went to high school in Jordan, and aspires to work in Environmental Policy, either domestically or abroad.  Swara is a staunch vegetarian, and loves swimming, kayaking, and virtually any other water sport he can get access to. His favorite Democrat is Chris Van Hollen, who has an actually good idea of how to balance the federal budget.


David Kang, Treasurer: David is a junior at Columbia College currently studying Political Science. David has worked with several local politicians before, like his Congressman back at home and a New York City Councilman. He dreams of running for political office himself one day, but not before seeing a little more of  the world right after graduation. Using the personality driven and data based campaign model of Barack Obama, David would one day like to be the first Asian American to run in the Democratic Presidential Primary. He might not win, but he would have a damn fun time doing it.

Interesting fact- David is a second degree black belt (find an Asian who isn’t)
Class of 2015, Political Science
Favorite Democrat: Bill Clinton


Sophie Neiman, Membership Director: Sophie is a freshman at Barnard College, planning to major in Urban Studies and English. She hopes to become a community organizer someday, like Barack Obama. Sophie is from Baltimore, Maryland, but New York is certainly her favorite city. In her spare time she likes to cook (and of course eat), explore NYC, watch the Daily Show and talk about politics. Her favorite Democrat is JFK, who always kept it classy.


Ilana Greenstein, Events Coordinator: Ilana is a sophomore at Barnard majoring in Psychology and minoring in Urban Teaching, with hopes of becoming an elementary school teacher after graduation. She was born and raised in Newton, Massachusetts but is a die-hard Yankees fan. She enjoys playing tennis, reading, speaking Spanish, watching The Bachelorette, and most importantly eating ice cream. Her favorite democrat is Stephen Colbert.


Jordana Narin, Freshman Representative: Jordana is a freshman at Columbia College completely undecided on her major and future career path. Born and raised in Los Angeles, she’ll forever be a California girl even though she’s lived on the East Coast for the last eight years. Her favorite democrats are RFK and Kirsten Gillibrand, whose potential presidential campaign she hopes to work on if her true love Jon Stewart never runs. Jordana also loves speechwriting, strawberry ice cream, and using her voice (it’s loud) to help those who can’t use theirs. She already loves her CU Dems family and is super excited to be this year’s freshman rep!