The Columbia University College Democrats are as strong as our members are active. We offer many leadership opportunities and a lot of freedom within our organization.  If you are interested in leading a circle or working on an issue, please let the Board know so we can help you make that happen!

The Executive Board is the primary decision-making and coordinating body of the Columbia Democrats, pursuing the goals of entire group while ensuring that all facets of the organization are working smoothly. You can contact the board at You can also follow us on twitter here.

The Executive Board

President - Sejal Singh:

Vice President – Austin Heyroth:

Secretary – Melissa Quintana:

Treasurer – David Kang:

Media Director - Swara Salih:

Membership Director – Sophie Neiman:

Events Coordinator – Ilana Greenstein:

Lead Activist – Cameron Fegers:

Lead Activist - Sarah Schutz:

Lead Activist – Lucy Saldivar:

Lead Activist- Ryan Morgan:

Freshman Representative- Jordana Narin: