Executive Board Elections

Interested in running for board? We certainly hope so! The elections for the 2014-2015 schoool year will be held on in late April. We strongly encourage everyone considering running to do so.  Feel free to email dems@columbia.edu with any questions, and to talk to any board members about their positions.



Here is the voter registration process.

(1) A few weeks before the election we’ll put out a list of registered voters. If you’re on this list, you are registered and can vote in our elections.

(2) If you are not on our voter registration list, please email demselders@gmail.com. You will then be asked to have a short conversation with a member of the council of elders to determine whether or not you will be eligible to vote.


Can’t make it to elections but still want your voice to be heard? You needn’t worry. The CU College Dems are firmly opposed to voter disenfranchisement. To qualify to vote on an absentee basis, please send an email to the Council of Elders (the ornate name given to the CU Dems seniors who oversee the election process) at demselders@gmail.com to request an absentee ballot.